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Новый год и Северное сияние. Активный отдых. Хаски, олени, снегоходы, экскурсии, океан

Активный отдых и необычные впечатления на Краю Земли для взрослых и детей

Вы когда-нибудь встречали Новый Год на краю земли, в стране оленей, где заколдованные деревья ниже человеческого роста, а вместо солнечного света царит вечная тьма и в небе бушует «Северное сияние»? Если нет, то отправляйтесь на поиски небесного чуда и окажетесь в самом сердце русской Лапландии, где нет цивилизации, живут лишь коренные племена и есть реальная возможность увидеть Северное сияние.
Сделайте свою зиму яркой!
Окунитесь в необычайный мир Крайнего Севера.
- Посмотрите на природу уникальной красоты
- Каждый день – новые ландшафты: тайга, полярная тундра, горы и Арктический океан
- Покатайтесь с драйвом на собаках хаски и снегоходах в полярной тайге
- Покормите и погладьте северных оленей на дворе у местных жителей Саами
- Отведайте традиционных блюд у огня в саамской веже из оленьих шкур
- Узнайте интересные факты о природе и истории на интерактивных экскурсиях
- Загадайте желание, любуясь потрясающей игрой цветов северного сияния

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Polar drive

4 days tour/price by request

Trail passes through amazing places on the edge of the Earth - the Kola Peninsula - around unusually beautiful mountains Khibiny. Here you can experience strong as diamond rocky roads, throw ups and sudden descents on tractor roads, winding along the northern taiga, blue lakes with crystal clear water. Unforgettable pleasure deliver small drops of natural origin, technical sections of rocky road, crossing at a speed of mountain streams, hiking in the mountains, the phenomenon of the polar day, when the sun never sets 24 hours and contemplation of the unique nature of the Far North.

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Тур - по следам Левиафана...

круглый год / от 3800 руб

Путешествие выходного дня по местам съемок фильма Левиафан - вы побываете в Полярной тундре, в горах Хибинах, сделаете пикник с видом на Северный ледовитый океан, а также совершите экскурсии по улицам городов, которые попали в съемки Левиафана. Интригующие рассказы гида об истории, народах, легендах края, событиях лихих 90-х, которые легли в основу фильма не оставит вас равнодушным!
На джипах из Мурманска мы поедем в поселок Териберка, где велись съемки картины Левиафан, побродим по бескрайней тундре вдоль скалистых обрывов моря, вдали от цивилизации. Необычная природа этих мест меняет сознание человека и заставляет время остановиться. Описать это невозможно — это надо лишь почувствовать. На следующий день мы посетим города Кировск, Апатиты и Мончегорск, которые также участвовали в съемках фильма.

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Murmansk region coach tour

4 days tour/price by request

Murmansk region - one of the most unique district of Russia. It is situated in the north-west part of country on Kola Peninsula on the shore of Barents Sea. This region is full of historical, natural and cultural attractions. Due to rich deposits of natural resources, such as Apatite(e.g. it is used as a phosphate fertilizer in many countries) or Nikel(it is used in many products including stainless steel - alnico magnets, rechargeable batteries, coinage, electric guitar strings etc.) this region was developed as industrial and economic center of USSR during the Soviet era. Here in back 60's of XX century began the history of the research of the Arctic region by nuclear icebreakers(special vessels adapted for swimming in extreme arctic conditions). So we glad to invite you to the most interesting and still unknown region for mainstream tourism!

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Russian polar express coach tour

2 days tour/price by request

The city of Murmansk – a base for the nuclear fleet and the capital of Murmansk region - land full of historical, cultural and natural attractions.
The city is located in the northwest part of Russia, at subarctic nature region and stands on unfrozen Kola Bay which is ice-free even in winter out of warm flow of Golfstream, goes here from Atlantic Ocean.
Murmansk is the biggest city in the world beyond the Arctic Circle. In back 60’s from the port of Murmansk began the history of the research of the Arctic region by nuclear icebreakers(special vessels adapted for swimming in severe cold conditions). During WWII Murmansk was fully destroyed by bombing and then fully reconstructed, so you'll also visit The Valley of Death, area of great battlefield for the north.
Murmansk region shares border with Norway and Finland. Close to Norwegian border you'll see the city of Nikel - live industrial example of Soviet era.
So we invite you to visit one of the most interesting but still unknown place to world mainstream tourism!

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Royal Parks and Residences of St Petersburg A Bicycle Tour

3-5 hours tour/group from 3 persons/ per your request

We offer you to relax riding bicycles with a guide and having pick-nicks on the background of spacious residential woods of Peterhof, Pavlovsk and Pushkin. Instead of crowds in the Catherine’s Palace visit small pavilions and gardens with their green meadows, blue pounds and 18-19-th century classical style ruins- like similar scenes of nature and nobility on the canvases of Claude Lorren and Antonie Watto. Our guide has plenty of funny and intrigue stories about court life and relations of Russian princesses, kings and dukes to tell you.
Beautiful residential palaces of Saint Petersburg are highly visited by tourists nowadays, however their huge green and quiet delightful parks still remain unexplored by many visitors. They also include dozens of fine architectural items of different styles such as music pavilions, playing fountains, bathes, Greek rotundas, foot-bridges, graceful marble sculptures.
Enjoy slow riding around green areas and architecture instead of queuing palaces...

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Trekking Holidays

Russia is a great destination for trekking. Vast areas of the country allows you to choose any landscapes you can dream, from enormous cliffs of Arctic coast, rocky mountains of Caucasus, lakes of Altai, scenic volcanoes and geysers of Kamchatka to peaceful meadows of low Ural mountains.
Guides of our company have great experience in a trekking field. We have provided successful trips of different levels of difficulty.

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Trekking Holidays in the North of Russia

6 days tour/price by request

Khibiny are beautiful and majestic mountains in the heart of Kola Peninsula which is also known as Russian Lapland - the land of fairy lakes and forests. This land is full of ancient legends and sagas.
24 hours daylight and the sun in the sky in the middle of night is the wonder of the world which every real traveller must have on his experience list. One who has visited this place once never forget it and wants to come back again. Hiking is based on daily round trips organised from the base camp - the only small hostel with Russian sauna in the heart of the mountains. Trips are suitable from easy to difficult levels. Area around is wild indeed.
So we offer you to experience this magnetism of Khibiny mountains to bring it back home in your hearts!

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Medieval Russia cycling tour

Summer-Autumn 2014 / 3-4 days / call for price

Can you imagine riding Russia of 10-th to 15-th century? We offer you to plunge into medieval Russian towns of Novgorod and Russa with their really unique onion-cupola churches, fortresses surrounded by molls and canals. Actually this is the core land of ancient Russians full of history and natural majesty. We ride bikes through cute non-touristic Russian wooden-house villages located along the scenic coasts of the Ilmen’ lake. For Easy level riders. Supported by a shuttle bus. Sleeping in Russian wooden dorms.

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Caucasus mountains biking tour

planned / 8-12 days / contact for price

Hi all bikers! Have you ever rolled on hillsides and trails? If yes, this is for you! Our journey invites you into the natural bike park of Russia!
This time the journey passes light way in cross country / enduro styles! Try all the possibilities of your bike!
Non-professional light cross-country through the mountains of Krasnodar region with a two-day descent to the sea. You will get long slopes and technically downhills, rocky and forest roads and trails, enduro-style tracks on the slopes of ridges and trails in the canyons. 8 to 12 days route for the hardy bikers who respect the pace and ease of handling of the bike, dirt and technical tracks.

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