About us

Hello, dear visitors!

We are small outdoor company located in St Petersburg, Russia. We design short and long-term inn-to-inn hiking, trekking and biking trips and journeys in the most attractive parts of Russia. We used to be a part of TJ-travel Company Ltd, now we are partners and run business independently.

Our routes cover famous natural sights as well as unknown pearls of our country. All outdoor trips also involve visits of cultural cites and museums with excursions provided. Most of our routs are off the beaten tracks even for Russian travellers. Our activity provides: trekking and hiking, mountain and road bicycling, discovery tours and alpine camps in Russia. Customized tours and expeditions in remote areas of Russia are also objects of our activity.

We invite everybody for active travelling in Russia – no matter your age or skills. All trips are ranged from easy to difficult, you can choose any you like. Families with kids are also welcome.

Our team of professional and experienced guides is eager to share passion of travelling around the most beautiful sights of Russia with our guests.


Learn different Russia with us!