Caucasus mountains biking tour

Mountain biking in Russia

Non-professional light cross-country through the mountains of Krasnodar region with a two-day descent to the sea. You will get long slopes and technically downhills, rocky and forest roads and trails, enduro-style tracks on the slopes of ridges and trails in the canyons. 8 to 12 days route for the hardy bikers who respect the pace and ease of handling of the bike, dirt and technical tracks. Accommodation: hostels, hotels, campsites where you can relax, take a shower and eat after an intense day of driving.


The idea of ​​a trip to ride on the adorable autumn deciduous forests, deep gorges of rocky mountain regions of Adygea and Krasnodar region, followed by a dizzying descent to the warm caressing Black Sea.

Now we offer for ambitious riders, for those who prefer the pace trip and trails without backpacks, to take the route light way in cross-country, all mountain and Enduro style. Some sections of the route have been replaced by more interesting.

The route covers many attractions of Adygea mountains and passes through alpine meadows of high Lagonaki plateau, crosses spurs of the main Caucasian ridge covered with eternal snow and descends from clouds into subtropical forests of the Black Sea coast, thereby allowing us to splashing in the sea, enjoying the velvet season.

Usually, this route can’t be done both on foot out of lack of time for the long route and via off-road transport due to the insurmountable natural barriers on the way. Despite the frightening immensity of the trail, it routed the way that it will quite accessible to mere mortals. Requirements for candidates set out in details section.

Adygea - repository of extraordinary natural contrasts ! Here is the western glacier of the Greater Caucasus and the highest plateau of the North Caucasus - Laghonaki, alluring by its alpine meadows. Adygea - country of karst caves. Here, at the foot of Fisht mountain, which was a coral reef in the past towering over the ancient oceanThetis is a pleiades of caves, implement an important exchange of water throughout the region. White Star cave - one of the longest caves in Europe and the deepest in Russia, which is still under investigation. Adygean Caucasus - a unique place where you can ride on the bottom of an ancient ocean Thetis, which had previously existed on the place of the Caucasian ridge, raised to the surface about 205 million years ago and see the remains of the giant (up to 1.5m ) shells of creatures of the past!

Among other attractions - Khadzhokhsky canyon and extraordinarily beautiful Guam gorge which cuts deeply into the ancient limestone massif and fabulous mountain village Mezmay that so attracts artists, philosophers, poets, esoteric for its scenic location and extraordinary energy!

The route is laid in such a way that the participants can see the change of natural areas throughout Russia - steppe, deciduous forests, taiga, alpine meadows, alpine glaciers systems and subtropical forests of the Black Sea coast ridges. Another memorable attraction is 200 meter high waterfall, which flows from the mighty walls of Fisht and Pshekho-Su mountains.
Apart is situated the alpine residence of Vladimir Putin with a helipad, which was involved in the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games.

1. Maikop - Guamka. Length = 51 km(31,69 Miles). Asphalt road. Bias - a slight uphill. Landscapes - witness the change of natural areas from the steppes to the wooded foothills of the Caucasus . Then the road follows the river gradually disappearing into deeper intermountain valleys .

2. Guamka. Explore the area surrounding the mountain village, without ammunition. Walk among overhanging 100-meter stone walls of the gorge Guam staggering which really astound. At the top we see the walls which form a fanciful towers, which menacingly look down like the guards.
Numerous waterfalls seeking the walls down with foam splititing into myriads of sprays. Bowls with lustrous clear water attract attention. Kurdzhips river seething with a bubbles deep down, constricted on both sides by narrow cliffs. With each turn of the winding gorge scenery is constantly changing without losing its grace. Gorge weakly illuminated by the sun and full of lush vegetation, which paints this harsh place in eye-pleasing colors in the autumn. We climb on the cliffs, enjoy the panorama and make pictures.

3. Guamka - Mezmay. Lenth = 10 km(6.2 Miles). Nature trail road. Bias - a slight uphill. We pass grand canyon by bikes. “Ancient candles” of pines and millennial boxwoods silently observed our movement. Tell by the way - this action is not for nervous. Path passes through the stone shelves on the couloirs and grottoes between narrow-gauge railroad and steep cliff. Each meter must be attentive and to think a head so some sections of the route released adrenaline into the blood. Many people turn their life from the megapolis to the simple and sublime life of these places. So continue to ride through surroundings.

4. Mezmay - Laghonaki plateau - Tsitse river - Mezmay. Length = 60 km(37,3 Miles). Tractor and meadow roads. Bias - a significant uphill replaced by slight differences on the height of the plateau. Enjoy high plateau spaces and fresh air of alpine meadows grass and peaks of Fisht and Oshten mountains.

5. Rest. We climb the canyon, visit the rock shelves and admire unforgettable landscape from aerial view. In the afternoon we rush on forest paths to the nearby village and back (village Mezmay - village Temnolesskaya)

6. Mezmay - Laghonaki plateau - Kamennoye More tract - Armenian pass - Fisht shelter. Path type - tractor road, asphalt, meadow road and devilishly skillful tourisr trail. The first part of the way - up to the mountain through the plateau which gradually ascend height, then go down on the single track to Armenian pass, in some places shifting the bike through giant stones which narrow the trail, then an unforgettable descent on single track to the shelter under the snowy Fisht mountain. The main task of the day is to overcome the Lagonaki plateau and technical slopes of Kamennoye More tract and then go down to the foot of Fisht. Mountain majestically rises above the surrounding ridges and fascinates with its sheer walls and snow sparkling in the sun.

7. Armenian shelter - Circassian pass - shepherds houses. We move on singletrack which begins with lifting where we first throws the bikes to pass and then move on horseback through alpine meadows. Overnight in shepherds houses.

8. Shepherds houses - Babuk Aul - Solokh Aul. Lenght = 26,5 km(16,4 Miles). Today we will have an unforgettable descent in all mountain, enduro and free ride styles from the western slopes of the Fisht to midlands of Black Sea ridges. Tourists called this area "cheerful descent", which checks your ability to control the bike on steep slopes and overflowed your brains with adrenaline. First the trail presented by singletrack that runs along a steep slope with extreme areas, then turnes into a fairly steep slope with an abundance of options to track and more technical rooty trail with lots of drops. The last part is a combination of smooth relief and rooty descents where you can go anywhere but only to keep the right direction. It's just cool! Well-deserved rest after the cleanups? is about 10 kilometers of well knurled forest road that runs through the gorge above the picturesque Shakhe river.

9. Solokh Aul - Dagomys (Black Sea). Lenght = 24 km(14,9 Miles). Asteep slope. Asphalt road. Continue to roll down the mountain serpentine with stopping to swim in the warm mountain rivers creeks. And at the end of the mountain route is warm caressing sea...


Rest at sea for 2 days. One day of the two reserve in case of bad weather.


A more complete understanding of the trip you will get seeing the video of this trip.

Type of travel: cross-country, enduro, allmountain. The entire trip is undergoing light now!
At the request it is also possible to ride in a style of tourism with the change of the route, so it will significantly reduce your costs.
Place of event: mountainous regions of the republic of Adygea of Krasnodar region.
Point of launch: Maikop (republic of Adygea)
Date/Duration: ... / 10-12 days (determine by e-mail communication)
Difficulty: for advanced bikers
Requirements: average stamina, confident ride on the technical tracks, single tracks, participation in training group travel. If you're a regular competitor for cross-country, you are with us.
Amount of participants: up to 10 people.
Itinerary: Maikop - Guamka - Mezmay - Lagonaki plateau before the river Tsitsa - Mezmay - Plateau Laghonaki - Fisht Mountain(Armenian orphanage) - Traverse of Fisht - Belozersky pass - Circassian pass - Babuk Aul - Solokh Aul - Dagomys city (Black Sea)
Road type: asphalt, soil, tractor roads, hiking trails. In order to give the impression of tracks download the report and watch the video of this journey.

Accommodation: hostels, hotels, campsites. Route includes a stop at the tourist centers and hotels with variants of conditions: from multiroom camping (sleeping in sleeping bags) with facilities outside up to 2 or more rooms with all facilities (sleep on a feather bed ) and a kitchen in the equipped cottages.
Food: cafe in cottages
Climate: The alternation of clear and overcast days. Precipitation is quite likely in the form of drizzle and incessant rains. In the mountains the temperature on a cloudy/clear day +15-25 C (+59 - +77 F), can be windy. Night can even be frozen with snowfall . Along the itinerary snow is not expected. In general temperature is very successful for the cycling trip.
Equipment: a trip is conducted entirely light with backpack and the minimum necessary things:
bike (mountain bike or hybrid),
shoes (sneakers, spare shoes),
warm things (a couple of underwear, warm socks)
Clothing to cycle: to your taste (possibly coat)
Sleeping bag, tº of comfort = +5 +10 º C ( +41 - +60 F )
Price: corrected

The price includes:

Accommodation in cottages and camping in the mountains and on the coast.
Transfer service (getting to the mountains in the area if necessary)
Cost of excursion to the monuments of nature.
Skip to stay in the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve (person / day)