Murmansk region coach tour

Coach tour to Russian north

Murmansk region - one of the most unique district of Russia. It is situated in the north-west part of country on Kola Peninsula on the shore of Barents Sea. This region is full of historical, natural and cultural attractions. Due to rich deposits of natural resources, such as Apatite(e.g. it is used as a phosphate fertilizer in many countries) or Nikel(it is used in many products including stainless steel - alnico magnets, rechargeable batteries, coinage, electric guitar strings etc.) this region was developed as industrial and economic center of USSR during the Soviet era. Here in back 60's of XX century began the history of the research of the Arctic region by nuclear icebreakers(special vessels adapted for swimming in extreme arctic conditions).

Highlights of places and attractions we will visit during the tour:

The Valley of Death

In Murmansk region is situated The Valley of Death, area of great battlefield for the north. Russian people protected region behind from Germans till Hitler signed the order to stop operation. Victims were so numerous that up to now its impossible to find and identify all warriors. Even now parts of weapon, bullets and clothes can be easily found around. Despite of tragedic events nature of the Valley is very attractive.

Apatity - a stroll around the town of geological sciences

Here is located Russian Academy of Sciences and Institute for applied geology. Thousands of scientists are working in the scientific Campus on: chemistry, petrology, geology, mineralogy, tectonics etc.

Museum for mineralogy and mining technology excursion

The geological region of Kola Peninsula is the extraordinary home of about 1000 minerals out of 4000 found in the world! Most of them are authentic and can't be found somewhere else. If we go just hundred km off Kola Peninsula number of minerals declines dramatically. In the museum of Russian Academy of Sciences there is a collection of thousands mineral items – one of the biggest in the world

Nature of the Khibiny mountains

Going outdoors to the brilliant lake Vud'yavr surrounded by gorgeous steep walls of mountain chains and considered to be the most attractive place here. Hiking to the pass with the most active participants – optional.

Day 1 Arriving

–       crossing the border, meeting guides

–       visiting the city of Nikel

–       visiting the Valley of Glory – a death place of WW II

–       arrival in the city of Murmansk – the most northern capital of Russian provinces

–       hotel check in, dinner

–       free time – walking around the city


Day 2 Visiting big Northern cities: Murmansk and Apatity

-      breakfast

-      Murmansk city excursion with photo stops

-      visiting local Museum of Kola Peninsula Nature, People and History

-      Icebraker “Lenin” – the first world's nuclear ship. An excursion aboard

-      dinner at the Soviet style cafeteria

-      driving to the town of Apatity (3,5 hours drive)

-      check-in the Hotel in the green area with the mountain view

-      Apatity - a stroll around the town of geological sciences

-      supper

-      having real Russian sauna


Day 3 Mountains and industry of the North

-      outside observing the gigantic Soviet Factory for Apatite ore dressing

-      driving to the settlement of Kirovsk – a town of miners. Mountains surround small town. Former open mines and drilling towers can be seen around

-      Museum for mineralogy and mining technology excursion

-      nature of the Khibiny mountains. Having barbeque outdoors.

-      transfer to the Hotel


Day 4 Soviet Nuclear Power station and first settlements of Kola Peninsula inhabitants

-      breakfast

-      driving to the city of Polyarnye Zori

-      outside observing of the Nuclear power station.

-      driving to the Kandalaksha bay

-      passing Kandalaksha - the city of aluminium production

-      dinner

-      stops on the way to take pictures of fabulouse views of the pine forests on the golden coast of the White Sea

-      returning back to Finland (via Salla or Lotta), Norway(via Kirkenes) or go to the Murmansk airport 

-      a night in Murmansk city if necessary (request your staying if needed)


How to reach us:

If you come to Murmansk region from Northern Scandinavia you need to cross the border at Lotta border crossing point (Raja-Jooseppi in Finland), Salla border crossing point(Salla in Finland) or Borysoglebsk border crossing point (from Norway near Kirkenes).

We may meet you:

- in Ivalo or Salla in Finland 

- in Kirkenes in Norway 

- at some another location in Finland or Norway but before you need to coordinate it with us 

- at border crossing points listened above

In case you visit us by your vehicle our guide will also meet you at some location you specify.

Type of vehicle during the tour:

Type of vehicle we offer during the tour depends on amount of customers: 

- coach for group more than 7 people,

- microbus for group of 3-7 person,

- comfortable car for 1-3 person.