Polar drive

Trail passes through amazing places on the edge of the Earth - the Kola Peninsula - around unusually beautiful mountains Khibiny.

Here you can experience strong as diamond rocky roads, throw ups and sudden descents on tractor roads, winding along the northern taiga, blue lakes with crystal clear water. Unforgettable pleasure deliver small drops of natural origin, technical sections of rocky road, crossing at a speed of mountain streams, hiking in the mountains, the phenomenon of the polar day, when the sun never sets 24 hours and contemplation of the unique nature of the Far North.

Highlight of the program - nearly 20 km freeride style downhill from the top of the mountain along a footpath through the valley of the river to a large tectonic lake Imandra. Bikers are accompanied by 4x4 truck!

This tour  is a great opportunity to relax, ride in style all mountain, enduro, cross-country and to see the extreme north personally.

Upon request it is possible to conduct activities in the style of tourism.


Nature of Kola Peninsula

Area we suggest to visit such unusual way so redolent by unique beauty of natural objects that even indigenous residents sometimes amazedly ask: "Oh, where is this beauty situated?" when viewing pictures of those places.

Khibiny is a massif originated about 300 million years ago (somewhere already dinosaurs roamed) and it is not a result of the collision of lithospheric plates and crumpled into folds of the crust as the mountains of the Alpine type, but as a result of penetration of magma in the upper crust. Later the top layer of soft rock was demolished by glacier during the ice ages.

So now it’s like a diamond - faceted mountains about 1000 m in height. They have spawned many minerals, some of which are valuable.

Here is one of the world's largest deposits of Apatite (one of three in the world), which is used as a phosphate fertilizer in many countries. The route passes directly through the mining factory!

This area can be attributed to the Subarctic climatic conditions, but the nature of Khibiny richer than the areas surrounding the array due to the special, more favorable microclimate, which forms the mountains.

This is a plus for travelers. In connection with the study of a special northern flora during the Soviet period here was organized Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden-Institute.

In Khibiny we can distinguish four natural zones: a unique northern taiga zone, elfin birch zone, alpine bald deserts zone and eternal snows zone.

The route will pass through all of them in order to see and enjoy the severe beauty of this area.


1st day


- Breakfast

- Leaving Apatity city, go through working mining factory, then go around Khibiny mountains near Imandra lake by hard forest roads. On the way we cross a lot of streams

- Lunch

- Rest. Walking tour to Aku-Aku canyon

- Russian bath (optional)

- Dinner. Night in the village house or in a camp on the open air


2nd day


- Breakfast

- Going to the forest-tundra and northern taiga, into a region of more severe conditions. Forest trail becomes more fierce with big stones on the way.  There are swampy areas and overflowing rivers. Sometimes the water level reaches the hub and not even seen the continuation of the road, but experienced and adventurous riders will get adrenaline into the blood.

- Swiming in the lake.

- Check-in to the mountain hotel

- Lunch

- Rest, walking.

- Dinner.



3rd day


- Breakfast

- Walking to waterfall and viewpoint.

- Climbing to the highest pass of Khibiny mountains.

- Lifting by 4х4 to the surrounding hills and descent along the rocky road to the forest hostel.




4th day



- Breakfast

- We continue to move along the rocky road and stop for a picnic in the most beautifull valley of the Khibiny Mountains on the shores of Lake Small Vudjavr

- Visiting Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden-Institute

- Arriving to Kirovsk city

- Ride by bike on the asphalted road to Apatity city

- Visiting the museum of history and mineralogy of the Kola Peninsula


* Itinerary may vary depending on weather conditions, sudden equipment problems etc.


Route details:

Place of event: the Kola Peninsula, Khibiny Massif.

Point of launch: Apatity city.

Date / Duration: from June to September; 4-5 days

Riding style: all mountain, enduro, cross-country. Skating accompanied 4x4.

Size of group: up to 10 people.


What is interesting:

- The polar day (the sun not sets all day long)

- Dwarf trees and multi-trunk birch

- Alpine desert and polar tundra zone

- Abandoned and acting apatite-nepheline factory

- Change of natural areas

- Mountain lakes

Special attention is given to a huge tectonic origin lake -  Imandra - length about 100 km, with amaizing views on surrounding Khibiny mountains and tundra.



Apatity city - Railway station Imandra - Imandra lake - the lake Goltsovoye - Rescuers base - pass "Kukisvumchorr" - Vudjavr lake - Kirovsk city- Apatity city.


Extreme version itenarary:

Apatity city - Railway station Imandra - Imandra lake - pass Aku-Aku(on foot) - Rescuers base - "Kukisvumchorr" pass  - “Ramzay” pass  -  Imandra lake - Apatity city.


Road type:

Day 1: A “roller coaster”. Old tractor road goes along the slopes up and down, meeting rivers and giant puddles.


Day 2: The road simply goes into the “jungle”, here and there along the lakes, sometimes even lost in wetlands. The last part is a brutal stone and mud road in the forest zone.


Day 3: Rocky roads - alternation of breakstone and gravelly roads flooded by streams. Slight slope.



Hotel, lodge/tents. (Specified in the application and is determined by bids of majority of participants)



Nourishing usual/vegetarian menu. Breakfast, snack, dinner.



Climate here in summer is not so severe as on the Arctic coast. Air temperature on sunny days can reach +20°C/68 °F or more. Average temperature range for the summer months is from 6° C to 12°C / 43°F to 54°F and at night it usually does not drop below 5 C. However, the proximity of the Arctic may cause extreme changes in weather in summer to a windy cloudy with a decrease of temperature to 10°C and even to some snow.



personal care products, cutlery, spare clothing, personal first aid kit, insect repellent. You should take a warm basic clothing, based on a description of climate. Do not forget you are at the Far North and sunny day can dramatically changed to a very cold weather.


Cost of the trip:

The price includes:

- Accommodation (tent/lodge in the mountains)

- Meals (except staying in city upon arrival and departure)

- Providing of tents, kettles, gas

- An instructor, chef, bicycle mechanic

- Support 4x4 throughout the track *

- Visit the baths (1 time)

- Some parts for the bike

* Except for extreme descent from Ramsay pass to Imandra lake


Not included:

- Excursions to polar Alpine Botanical Garden-Institute, mineralogical museum

- Shower for 2nd and 3rd days in a mountain hotel (if overnight in a tent)

- Removal from the track/route to civilization in case of a fatal crash or on request