Mountain biking

Polar drive

4 days tour/price by request

Trail passes through amazing places on the edge of the Earth - the Kola Peninsula - around unusually beautiful mountains Khibiny. Here you can experience strong as diamond rocky roads, throw ups and sudden descents on tractor roads, winding along the northern taiga, blue lakes with crystal clear water. Unforgettable pleasure deliver small drops of natural origin, technical sections of rocky road, crossing at a speed of mountain streams, hiking in the mountains, the phenomenon of the polar day, when the sun never sets 24 hours and contemplation of the unique nature of the Far North.

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Caucasus mountains biking tour

planned / 8-12 days / contact for price

Hi all bikers! Have you ever rolled on hillsides and trails? If yes, this is for you! Our journey invites you into the natural bike park of Russia!
This time the journey passes light way in cross country / enduro styles! Try all the possibilities of your bike!
Non-professional light cross-country through the mountains of Krasnodar region with a two-day descent to the sea. You will get long slopes and technically downhills, rocky and forest roads and trails, enduro-style tracks on the slopes of ridges and trails in the canyons. 8 to 12 days route for the hardy bikers who respect the pace and ease of handling of the bike, dirt and technical tracks.

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