St.Petersburg cycling

Royal Parks and Residences of St Petersburg A Bicycle Tour

3-5 hours tour/group from 3 persons/ per your request

We offer you to relax riding bicycles with a guide and having pick-nicks on the background of spacious residential woods of Peterhof, Pavlovsk and Pushkin. Instead of crowds in the Catherine’s Palace visit small pavilions and gardens with their green meadows, blue pounds and 18-19-th century classical style ruins- like similar scenes of nature and nobility on the canvases of Claude Lorren and Antonie Watto. Our guide has plenty of funny and intrigue stories about court life and relations of Russian princesses, kings and dukes to tell you.
Beautiful residential palaces of Saint Petersburg are highly visited by tourists nowadays, however their huge green and quiet delightful parks still remain unexplored by many visitors. They also include dozens of fine architectural items of different styles such as music pavilions, playing fountains, bathes, Greek rotundas, foot-bridges, graceful marble sculptures.
Enjoy slow riding around green areas and architecture instead of queuing palaces...

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