Trekking / Hiking in Russia

Trekking Holidays

Russia is a great destination for trekking. Vast areas of the country allows you to choose any landscapes you can dream, from enormous cliffs of Arctic coast, rocky mountains of Caucasus, lakes of Altai, scenic volcanoes and geysers of Kamchatka to peaceful meadows of low Ural mountains.
Guides of our company have great experience in a trekking field. We have provided successful trips of different levels of difficulty.

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Trekking Holidays in the North of Russia

6 days tour/price by request

Khibiny are beautiful and majestic mountains in the heart of Kola Peninsula which is also known as Russian Lapland - the land of fairy lakes and forests. This land is full of ancient legends and sagas.
24 hours daylight and the sun in the sky in the middle of night is the wonder of the world which every real traveller must have on his experience list. One who has visited this place once never forget it and wants to come back again. Hiking is based on daily round trips organised from the base camp - the only small hostel with Russian sauna in the heart of the mountains. Trips are suitable from easy to difficult levels. Area around is wild indeed.
So we offer you to experience this magnetism of Khibiny mountains to bring it back home in your hearts!

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